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Introduction to programming

Sonntag, 04.09.202211:00 – 13:00 Uhr
Diese Veranstaltung findet online statt.

We are in the digital age and the use of digital technologies is unavoidable. They are part of our daily lives and it becomes more than important not only know how to use them but also how they work in the background. Therefore, initiating our children to the part of computer science that enables the creation of these technologies becomes super important. This event aims to introduce these children to programming, to initiate them to what makes it possible to create the various technological tools that are part of our daily lives. Using a phone is good but knowing how to create it is even better for its improvement. It is aimed at people aged 8 to 20. So it''s going to be really basic so that everyone can really understand.

Our event is online on zoom and it is important that each participant has a computer and a notepad because we will have to see how to prepare their working environment in practice.

We'll see together:


What is programming?

What is its purpose?

Where to start?

What resources and tools are needed?


Veranstalter:  ADNA e.V Worms
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